There were some setbacks with the originally planned trip of going to London and Paris. I was pretty much all packed to go and ecstatic, when I received a devastating, life-alterting phone call from my dad the night of August 4th (I was set to leave on August the 8th): My stepsister had died. Suddenly. Collapsed on the softball field at the young age of 37 leaving behind a husband who loved her dearly and two little boys: 8 and 10 years old.

My stepmom wanted me to go on the trip still. She wanted me to go and have a good time. The viewing and funeral was set for August 8th and 9th. I contemplated going on the trip for about 24 hours. It was non-refundable, but cost $1,000 ($500 per person going) to postpone and reschedule. You only get one chance to say goodbye, though. One chance to be there for your family on one of the worst days of their lives. When I made the final decision to reschedule the trip, I felt at peace and knew I made the right decision. My co-traveller, co-worker, and dear friend, Amy, was very understanding. As was her husband. They offered to pay for Amy’s part, but I felt that it wasn’t fair. I didn’t want to accept their money.

Saint Chappelle

So the London and Paris trip was off for the time being – not long – we planned to re-book for a couple of weeks later, but other deals were available. Long story short – Amy and I decided upon Paris, France and Dublin, Ireland. Let me tell – I am so thankful that we ended up going to Ireland, but more to come on that later.


So I tried to write about the trip. I took along a little book because I wanted to write every evening about the day and blog when I returned home. We were busy, though. I have never been busier and happier in my life. Amy gave me the idea to vlog about it instead.

So I am going to post my videos. Yes – I have I believe four videos just for the first day in Paris. Feel free to watch them. I hope you do. Some will include tips, and I plan to make individual videos later on to include travel tips in general.

Amy – thank you for taking this photo of me lighting my memorial and prayer candles ❤ 

But these videos are mostly for me. As time passes, you start to forget the little things. I don’t want to forget a single thing. So below will be the links to the videos of my first day in Paris. If you watch them (or even if you don’t) and have any questions, please feel free to ask. Traveling is my new passion, and I plan to do it more and as soon as possible.

Sacre Coeur

Also – while the first videos will be of my actual discussion of the day’s adventures and trials, I will also upload shorter videos of some of the sights. 🙂 I hope you all enjoy! ❤

Note: Each link will open a new window.

*All videos and content are my own* IMG_4696








Vlog Vidoes:

Our Arrival in Paris

Saint Chapelle Cathedral

Cathedral of Notre Dame

Sacre Coeur & International Markets

The Sights of Paris:

Saint Chappelle Cathedral – I liked the creepy, spiral staircase, but wait until you see what I walk up to 🙂

Notre Dame – Lighting candles for my stepsister who passed away and my best friend Diana who passed away ten years ago

Beautiful View from Our Hotel on Montmartre


From Sacre Coeur – You can see the city of Paris ❤