There has been a lot of hype over Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer. It took weeks for me to even catch my shade at Ulta before they sold out. As soon as they received a shipment in, the most popular colors flew off of the shelves.

When I had used the tester in the store, I feared that the concealer may be a little too heavy, but a friend bought this for me as a gift. Why not give it a try? I love full-coverage make-up because I want to look flawless, but full-coverage really isn’t what my skin needs, and it tends to look caked on.

However, I have found that I really like the Shape Tape. I am not sure any concealer is perfect, but this one is a pretty solid choice of the concealers that I have tried. (Actually, I used to not even wear concealer because I couldn’t find anything that worked or held up for very long. Those that I have tried, I was disappointed with anyway.)

While the Shape Tape is somewhat thick – you’ll want to use it sparsely – it blends well and lasts a while. Lately I haven’t been using a foundation, but just some concealer and powder. I do prefer to use the Shape Tape over foundation for my under eyes. I feel it gives it more staying power, and you already have some foundation to help with those under eye circles.

#1 – Zero makeup
#2 – Applying the concealer
#3 – After concealer and only concealer

So I really didn’t think that just concealer did justice to the Shape Tape. However, it does cover the black circles under your eyes nicely after you apply a powder and a little blush. On its own – it’s still definitely better than no makeup at all, and it is far better than most other concealers that I have tried.

I decided to show what this concealer can do when applied over foundation, though.

#4 – Foundation with Shape Tape Concealer (excuse my tired, red eyes – I had just woken up)
#5 – Yikes! These acne scars without makeup.

I don’t really think this concealer works well alone to cover up blemishes or acne scars. I will use the concealer sometimes for obvious blemishes, but otherwise I feel it just makes them stand out more. For acne scars, I recommend IT Bye Bye Redness Correcting Creme.

However, once again, I do like to use the Shape Tape over foundation to help with acne scars. I find that it does really do a nice job of giving extra coverage.

#6 – Acne scars covered with foundation and Shape Tape

I would definitely recommend purchasing Shape Tape if you are looking for a good concealer. As I have said, I think it works best with foundation underneath it. I am trying to use less foundation on my face – especially on the weekends, but I find that when I use the concealer and use powder to set it that I like the overall outcome.