In today’s post, I am reviewing a secret treasure that I stumbled upon about a month ago by Essence. Actually, my friend who worked at Ulta recommended it to me. I had recently been using Cover Girl Katy Kat Eye Mascara, and while it was a pretty good mascara, I was looking for something to make my lashes even more dramatic.

My friend introduced me to Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara. I was expecting this to be a $15.00 or more purchase, but it was actually extremely reasonably priced at $4.99. I wasn’t expecting too much from this mascara, but my friend said a plethora of customers had purchased it and liked it. For $4.99 I thought – why not give it a whirl?

I. Love. This. Mascara. I am going to let the pictures I have taken speak for themselves. I have not edited the lashes or anything in the photos, but I did choose some different photo tones to try to illuminate the lighting so that you could see the lashes better.

Absolutely no mascara or eyeliner
The eye on the left still has no eyeliner or mascara while the eye on the right has had two coats of Essence Lash Princess applied to the top and bottom lashes.
Both eyes have now had two coats of Essence Lash Princess on the upper and lower eyelashes.

The only complaint that I do have about this mascara is that is stays sticky and your lashes are malleable for a couple of minutes. If you’re anything like me, I immediately feel like there is something in my eyes after I apply all of my eye makeup, and if I’m not careful I will screw it up. My advice: Don’t touch your eyelashes for 2-3 minutes after applying this mascara if you can help it.

Day #2 – I just thought it would be fun to post a photo from another day. I only applied the mascara to the top lashes. 
And – this is just a full-face photo while wearing the mascara on just the upper lashes to see what it looks like when my eyes aren’t up close and personal.