I have very long, strong nails. I have been told that I have beautiful nails by many, and my little nephews say that they are soft (they like to hold my hand and gently rub my nails to fall asleep at night – it’s adorable). I can grow nails that people question if they are artificial, and they usually only break when I go to open the car door and have failed to unlock it successfully. Yeup, crack, that’s sometimes a bit painful.

One day my co-worker came up to me and said “I was thinking about you while I was in the shower today”. We had a nice chuckle over that comment. Then she went on to say how she was thinking about how I have these long, beautiful nails, but I never paint them.

I told her that I don’t have the patience. I don’t have the patience to wait for it to dry, note do I like the fact that it usually starts to chip the next day. (Not to mention that when I have painted my nails before, I usually always smudge them – ESPECIALLY when I paint them before bed, climb under the sheets, and get those little tiny…lines in the still malleable polish – anyone else know what I’m talking about here?!)

She introduced me to a great line of nail polish called CND Vinylux. It’s a great polish, and I really enjoyed buying the colors that were on sale at Ulta; however, I was running out of color choices. One day while at Ulta, I decided I would pick up Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. There was a package that for about $10.00, I would get a lilac-colored polish, and the top coat. Note: This polish promises the gel effect WITHOUT AN LED LIGHT.


I have an LED light, but meh, I found it’s tough to work. It was a cheap one that I bought at Sally Beauty Supply. (I’m cheap. I admit it. Hey, I’m a teacher! Most of my money goes to supplies for kids and paying off my loan debt!)

So when I got home that night, I applied two coats of the nail polish while watching an episode of Malcolm in the Middle on Netflix. After 3-5 minutes, I gingerly tapped my nail to see how the polish was holding up. Surprisingly, it was dry enough to go ahead an apply the Miracle Gel Top Coat. I applied one nice, thick coat of this to each nail, waited about five minutes, and did the “touch test” again.

I was impressed! My nails felt smooth and dry! I didn’t want to risk anything just yet, so I just sat and continued to finish the episode of the show I was watching. I was growing sleepy, and so I decided to go ahead and finish up washing the dishes and go to bed. I was on spring break, so if the nail polish smudged, I could take it off the next morning.

That nail polish lasted through dish washing, my nightly routine of brushing my teeth and washing my face, and showed no signs of sheet lines in the morning. It was shiny, sparkled in the sun, and it truly felt and looked like I had gotten a gel manicure at the salon.

Overall I am impressed with this polish. It is affordable – the cheapest I have found it is at Target, for about $8.00 a bottle, but I am sure there are cheaper places to buy it. The first polish that I used lasted about a week before it showed signs of dulling and some wear from nail growth.

Being back in school, I do a lot of typing (I love typing), so I find that the biggest problem I have is a little wear along the tips of my fingernails. It isn’t really noticeable to the naked eye, but it bothers me. The other nice this about this polish is that when that does happen to me, I can easily just apply a light coat to the edge to keep it up to par for me.

If I were to give this product an overall rating out of five stars for easy application, lasting ability, and dry-time – well, here it is folks:


(Side Note: It’s tough to get five stars from me on a beauty product because nothing is perfect.)