(Just a side note – I still need to talk about my GISHWHES experience and post some photos. Man, I am so behind on that. Note to self: Make that my next entry. Hopefully I remember.)

As I previously published, I have been participating in Twitter Fiction, and it is probably the highlight of my day anymore. What word will an account post? How will I turn it into a story? Oh no! I have used 33 characters more than I am allowed – what do I need to cut out? How do I rearrange my sentences? What photo prompt will it be today from this other account? How do I feel looking at it?


Some more awesome accounts to follow for prompts:



Might I also add that – as I hope to use this with my students except on paper – I think it really is a challenge and helps with sentence structure to figure out which words can be cut, or how to shape the story to still get your idea out there.


So here I am, waiting for “American Horror Story” season 6 to come on, and I thought I would share some of my Twitter Fiction. Also, I highly encourage if you are into this – follow these two accounts below – they produce some of my favorite, laugh-out-loud Twitter stories: