I love flash fiction. I remember when I first learned about it, my friend recommended a website where you could submit 100 words or less and win $5. Sure. That’s not a lot, but it was 100 words and was once a week. Once I was a runner-up and featured on the site. I was beyond ecstatic.

The key was that you had to use a certain word or words in your story. I thought hey – what a great idea – this would be great to assign to students because it is a challenge, short, and enjoyable. (Well – I found it enjoyable.)

I shared this idea with my friend, and we both have been trying to promote our blogs and work with Twitter. He started Twitter Fiction and there are a plethora of accounts out there offering prompts each day. The goal – you have to tell a story in 140 characters or less. Talk about challenging…you really have to be picky with your words.

So my friend turned me onto following these accounts and I started writing Twitter Fiction. (I even started my own account and post a prompt: you can follow it and respond on Twitter @ZealousWriter and any story with my prompt just use #zealouswriter.)

If you like to write and enjoy a challenge – you should definitely check out this form of writing. It’s a  great, supportive community, too. Here are some of my favorite accounts to follow:






And of course my own: @ZealousWriter

You can also follow me personally @annah_li on Twitter.

Maybe next time I will post some sample Twitter Fiction. Until next time…

…Stay beautiful