I was first introduced to this product at Sephora where my cousin works. I stopped in to visit her and get a quick makeover, and she asked me how often I use an exfoliator. I said “Umm..I don’t know, every couple of weeks sometimes the apricot scrub”. That was not enough she said. She massaged this clear gel on my face and then told me to take a look. In my reflection, I saw all of these little balls of white on my face. That – she told me – was my dead skin. Gross.

So a few weeks later I decided to buy this product because dead skin clogs your pores and clogged pores lead to my worst enemy: Blackheads. I’m not going to lie and say that this product magically cleared up all of my blackheads. I think blackheads are something that many of us will battle with all of our lives. Also – it was a very stressful time in my life, and I found myself have stress breakouts.

However, my face feels amazing and clean after using this product. Now that my skin is getting back to normal, I think it will help even more. It really clears away that dead skin, and it isn’t harsh on my skin or anything. It is a bit addicting. I LOVE to use it. I look forward to using it every few days. It’s like Christmas.

I took some photos of my skin and the balls of dry, dead skin that was left in my hand, but it doesn’t even compare to what is leftover in the sink. If you’re looking for a great exfoliator, I highly recommend this product! I still use a grittier exfoliator from time to time, but I enjoy seeing the results literally falling from my face.

I am a fan of testing out the products in the store, and then searching Amazon to see if I can find the product cheaper. Sometimes I can, sometimes I cannot. I did find PTR on Amazon for a cheaper price, ordered it, and when I run out I will definitely be ordering it again!