This film is getting a lot of crap in the media. I’ve heard it’s “too violent” and terrible from “beginning to end” and all sorts of hoopla. Hey, I’m not here to judge (actually I am). Being a newbie in the comic book world (meaning I have read zero of the comics and have only seen the films) my opinion is certainly biased. Take it or leave it. I have a right to my own opinions.

First of all, I really wasn’t expecting to like the film walking into the theater. I only went because I had made a new friend and thought it would be a nice way to bond. The only character I actually knew of was Deadshot from watching “Arrow”. I also didn’t think that I was going to enjoy Will Smith playing Deadshot because I tend to get attached to characters being played by the same actor/actress. (Hence why I feel betrayed that Ezra Miller has taken over the role of The Flash in the film industry instead of Grant Gustin. I ❤ Grant.)

However, I really thought that Will Smith did a stellar job. He is a solid actor. I didn’t think I would enjoy Jared Leto as the Joker either, but I actually did. At first I was freaked out a little bit, but the way he interacts with Harley Quinn in the few scenes he is in made me fall in love. Plus, Heath Ledger was an iconic Joker. He was truly dark, twisted, and maniacal. I couldn’t see his portrayal of the Joker being with Harley Quinn.

The other characters – well – I could take them or leave them. Boomerang was funny, and I liked El Diablo. What really made this movie for me were the scenes with Harley Quinn. I had read an article where Margot Robbie admitted that Will Smith really helped her off-screen – that she feels things so much and cries every day. For some reason, that stuck with me when I was sitting down to watch the film. I loved Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn. (I felt a kinship with her. Crazy. Haha.)

People were aghast when I said I wanted a relationship like the Joker and Harley Quinn – in my defense it’s because I was absolutely ignorant to the domestic violence in their relationship. I have since done some research because the amount of comic books just – overwhelms me right now. Needless to say – the film “Suicide Squad” really downplays the domestic abuse between the Joker and HQ (Harley Quinn). In fact, there is some manipulation and the fact he clearly has some type of hold over her, but it seems like an equally obsessive relationship where they are totally devoted to one another. Click me to learn more about the Harley Quinn background and why the director of “Suicide Squad” left out a lot of the abuse.

Now once I did some research, I found that the director of “Suicide Squad” didn’t want to show HQ being abused and running back to that abusive relationship for a few reasons. It could really hit home to some women in the audience who are in an abusive relationship. And it tells women that if HQ can get beat around by her boyfriend and go back, then there is nothing wrong with it. (Just a side note from me, if you are in an abusive relationship – please talk to someone. Get help. Get out.) Also – there was that whole ordeal where people lost their minds over Jennifer Lawrence, who played Mystique in X-Men, was hit by a male character. That’s not promoting violence against women. They are superheroes and villains. I don’t remember anyone having a problem with people trying to slaughter her in “The Hunger Games”. So I believe the director of “Suicide Squad” played it off right when he left out the extreme abuse from the Joker.

The plot. A lot of people have issues with the plot of the movie. I will tell that the major villain that the Suicide Squad is up against at the end is a little disappointing. It’s too “magical” for me. I want them to face something more realistic. If you haven’t seen the film, I won’t ruin it for you, but I think my least favorite character was the Enchantress. (Although I find myself sometimes walking around stores whispering “Enchantress” to myself.) I just really felt that there could have been a bit more realism to what the characters were up against in the film. I was disappointed with how realistic most of the characters seemed, and then they turn around and have to face this thing from another world. I get it – meta-humans and all – but there is a line that needs to be drawn sometimes. Start out small and work your way up to something bigger.

There also is a clip after the credits that features Batman, and you can tell it’s meant to lead into the Justice League which the film for that is set to come out sometime in 2017. (No, I don’t know much about it either except that I am still trying to get over the fact Grant Gustin is not The Flash.)

I don’t often watch movies more than once, and I have already seen “Suicide Squad” twice within the first week it was released. Really I went the second time because a friend wanted to see it, and I wanted to put my hair in ponytails – one pink and one blue – to start my HQ look. But I did enjoy the film just as much the second time around. And I really liked the soundtrack. The music for the film is awesome.

Some characters are glossed over, but it is obvious that Deadshot and Harley Quinn are the two main ones to focus on in the Suicide Squad. I expect to see more of them – and the Joker. You can hate me for liking the movie, or maybe you share some of my enthusiasm. Many hardcore comic fans are probably shaking their heads because it’s true – I know nothing about the comics. However, even just following the films has made me about 25% cooler in my book (in my opinion). I wouldn’t take young kids to see “Suicide Squad”, but now that I have the Daddy’s Lil Monster t-shirt – I would consider seeing the film again with someone that hasn’t seen it yet.

(P.S. I just posted this picture and my 7-year-old nephew looked over and said “Is that you? You look like the Joker’s wife. You’re crazy lady.”)


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