The following is actually a task from GISHWHES where I had to write about an aspect of one of the members of the actual GISHWHES team and submit. It was private until now. 

The dubbed “babysitter” of famous actor Misha Collins, Miss Jean Louise seems to elude even the most adept reporters and investigators. What little I could dig up on this saucy, temperamental woman is far from the secrets she is hiding from the world. 

She claims to be the Queen of GISHWHES, while Mr. Collins is the supposed mastermind behind it; however, one must be led to wonder, who really is orchestrating the insane tasks and deeds of GISHWHES? I have been on the hunt for Miss Jean Louise for a while now, and she is as elusive as a Wendigo in the depths of the forest. 

It is my belief that really, there is no Misha Collins, and in fact, he is just a “pretty face” for the world to believe in while the wily Jean Louise plots to take over the world. Misha is a voice. A face. Something to keep the true identity of Jean Louise secret and private. So far – it is working. I believe she is more unpredictable than Donald Trump, more ruthless than Hillary Clinton, and when it comes to avoiding authority – well – somebody call the Winchesters because if she really is playing Misha like a puppet on a string, then the whole world is in for a rude awakening…