So, I thought I would try a DIY post since a lot of people seem to be interested in it, and well, I was very interested in making memory wire bracelets when I first saw what my co-worker could produce. I’m not a big YouTube watcher – I prefer photos and a brief explanation, so that’s how I have laid this blog out. First – the tools you will need:

You can find everything you need in most craft stores and Wal*Mart. I love A.C. Moore because they always have great daily coupons. You can find these items in the Jewelry section.

So once you have the memory wire, I wrap it around my wrist a few times and then use the wire cutter to snip where I want the bracelet to stop.


Next you use the other wire tool to bend one end of the cut wire and close it off before adding beads. (There are other options on how to end the bracelets, but I have found this to be an easy, convenient way for myself.)

Oh yeah, you may want to pick your beads out before you start this! I have tons, and usually do patterns, but for this demonstration I chose a single type of multi-colored bead. And so then – you just start slipping your beads onto the wire in whatever pattern and fashion you like until you are satisfied with the size of the bracelet!

I usually end up having extra wire to trim off, so you can use the wire cutter for that, and then repeat the process of bending the wire to close off the bracelet.

And then the finished product you just wrap around your wrist. The memory wire is pretty giving to any size wrist, so it’s great to pair with any outfit for any person.


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