Have people lost the ability to have a sincere and genuine conversation? It seems as though all meaning has been transferred from our mouths to our fingers. I once observed a teenage girl in a restaurant sitting with her phone in front of her face – almost like a barrier between her and her parents. (I’m sure I have been guilty of this myself.)

When did swiping our fingers across a screen to text someone become more important than the person right across from us?

My Stepmonster was telling my nephews today that you waste your life staring at a computer screen and miss what’s going on around you. (I nwould like to note that I am blogging from the backseat of a car, sandwiched in between my nephews. Hypocrite or making my point?) And it is true, we miss so much because we are so obsessed with media and being entertained 24/7.

My 9 year-old nephew gets it. He put away his iPad and is gazing out of the window as the world passes by. Yet the world isn’t passing him by…he’s soaking it all in – noticing low tires on other vehicles and commenting. He seizes life, and it is why I admire him so much. Of course he enjoys his occasional Netflix binge, games, and playing on my  Snapchat, but who doesn’t?

We are a society that is so starved for…attention? Recognition? Popularity? It’s as though we are sleep walking through life. I feel that way a lot. When I do feel lonely, I pick up my phone and send a text or snap. It’s like we are so desperate to be noticed.

A technological break can be great for us. Sometimes I put my phone on airplane mode and just go about my business. It helps rejuvenate my soul and spirit. Today I am on my way to see my oldest  nephew, Levi, race his quad. As quoted by the famous Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a  while, you could miss it.”

So today – don’t check your text the minute your phone dings. Don’t catch that ever elusive Pokemon. Take some time to enjoy who and what is around you.

Happy Sunday, Readers 😘